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Developing a customer-centric culture


W5 have worked with Gas Networks Ireland (GNI) since 2008, using customer (external and internal) and stakeholder feedback to inform and drive a strong customer centric strategy for the organisation. The programme is constantly evolving to reflect the changing operating environment and emerging customer needs.


To understand and track key customer metrics including CSAT, NPS, Net Ease, enabling the business to empathise with customer’s experience throughout their journey, understanding strengths and weaknesses.

To assess GNI’s brand values in action- assessing the extent to which GNI delivers on its brand promise through the experience it provides its customers.

To understand strengths and weaknesses between GNI and its partners in delivering the experience.
To drive developments that will measurably improve the holistic customer experience and its component parts, across GNI’s range of customers, and within both existing and emerging product sets.

How we helped

The programme currently includes mystery shopping calls, customer contact monitoring surveys, commercial connections monitoring interviews, key stakeholder depth interviews (energy Shippers & Suppliers), regular field operations & field staff monitoring surveys, annual Customer Service Representatives survey, ad-hoc research, advisory and consultancy services as internal and external environmental adjustments have prompted the need for further understanding and/or change. These have spanned right across the business from Persona development and Customer Journey Mapping to input to customer-related strategy development.


The GNI Customer Experience program has enjoyed multiple awards including the Marketing Society Award but more importantly delivers reliable, easy customer experiences, reflected in continuously strong customer-centric metrics (ease, satisfaction and advocacy) and solid financial value. Through this programme, W5 has developed a deep understanding of GNI’s internal and external operating environment, its nuances and challenges, and solid working relationships across the business.

Client Testimonial

“W5 has helped us develop a customer-centric culture that is delivering significant benefits in terms of customer satisfaction, employee engagement and overall business performance. It has helped us put customer feedback at the heart of our improvement processes so that we are more able to exceed expectations.”

Bernard Mooney
Customer Care Manager, Gas Networks Ireland

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